..Baby Lilly...

 Pixiest little thing ever.. so cute..!!
some accessories from this shoot are from Taylor Jolle Designs..!


.."50th" Anniversary..

Here is a sneak peek of a fun Anniversary Party..
 Such sweet people 
and Fabulous Decor.. more to come..


..Llewellyn Family..

I love how real this shoot was..
 These kids are SO full of life and adventure 
we didn't get them to really sit for more than 3 seconds
 but hey thats real life right?
 I was SO lucky to be apart of this amazing couples life 
for a hour or so.
 They have been blessed with the most beautiful 3 adopted kids.. 
ages 3, 2 and 1..!


..Deshler Family..

there are SO many reasons this shoot was so fun..
1st I was a second shooter for Shanna Michelle..
2nd Kerri is one of my good friends from way back in the day..
3rd the location was PERFECT..
4th the lighting could not have been better..
5th they have such a beautiful family..
Thanks Shanna this was so fun 
watch out world Shanna and Heather and gonna team up again soon.. :)



yet another sweet little baby girl..