..Strain Family..

these pictures speak for themselves..
BEAUTIFUL family..


..Sweet William..

Usually 3 month old's 
are kinda difficult to photograph..
but this little guy was a trooper..
I swear he was talking to us..
 he made the cutest little sounds
 and already has the sweetest little personality..
Im liking how these turned out so far.. :)


..Beautiful Brown's..

Beautiful family..
More to come from this shoot.. :)


..Crisler Kiddos.

These Kiddos were perfect..  
Grafton is under 1 week old 
and seriously just laid there for me the entire time
such a good baby.. 
sweet little Taylor 
 is turning 2 and has the cutest little personality
I love her huge brown eyes..


..Cox Family..

meet my second family..
i have known this beautiful family for over 20 years..
they are such fun, loving people..
I am so blessed and grateful for there
 influence, support and love for so many years..
Love you guys..!