Hope you all enjoy the holiday..
and visit the loved ones who has passed..
I will be going to my sweet Grandma & Grandpa Myers 
grave site today
they were the most amazing, 
giving, sincere,spiritual 
people i have ever known...


..Elbaba Family..

this little one has 
the cutest little personality..
between those cute dimples and big eyes 
i am pretty sure she will never have a problem 
getting everything she wants..
She was so cute and proper while eating her cake.
already such a lady..
Happy soon to be 1 year Ava..!


..Hancock Family..

such a beautiful Family..
they all have the most striking eyes..
and I am pretty sure the little grandaughter
 is the cutest little thing ever..


..Timeless Beauty Michelle..

more to come
from this shoot as well..
I just couldn't wait to post a few.. :)
This is my little sister. She is stunning..
I love my sisters
growing up with 5 girls and 2 boys
made it tricking to get along all the time
but I think we are all figuring out 
how to love and see the good in each other..
cause really what do we have 
if we don't have family??