..."You say WHAT"...

Heather Telford Photography
Photo Session Giveaway..!!!!

I have been having so much fun doing Pictures
 and feel so blessed
 to have such fun, sweet clients
 that I feel it is time
 to give my faithful readers/viewers a chance
 to win a free session.

Here's the low down..
You get 1 entry for leaving me a comment about one thing that you look for in a photographer
or what you expect during a photo session etc..
You get 2 entry's if you ToTaLlY brag about this on your blog to share the giveaway love.. :)

Finally you get 3 whoppin entry's if you join Heather Telford Photography on Facebook and suggest me to all your compadres.... 

Alrighty then

you have until Feb 5th at midnight..

again to making 2009
 such a great year for HT Photography..!!


...Meet my little Brother Ryan and Danielle...

Okay these two completely define coolness..  
This was such a fun shoot
 and Of course i'm bias because its my Lil Bro
 but he is such a great guy and Danielle is just as great
 they couldn't even look at each other without smiling or laughing.. 
Thanks for being in the way creepy old house
to take these pictures guys..
I'm glad we made it out alive..
Oh and SERIOUSLY both their eyes are insanely blue.. Love it..!


...Ahh the Sweetness of Nieces...

We have been out numbered by these 4 sassy thangs for a long time but in a few months the nephews will be in the lead 6-4 watch out little boys these girls have so much spunk you will still feel outnumbered.. :)  I think they are the prettiest little ladies around..!  Thanks for letting me play dress up with your girls today..


...soon to be a family of 5...

Ahh I love California... We stayed at my sister Melanies house the other week and loved everyday there but especially the day we went to this beautiful beach...  This beach should be reason enough to move out there.. :)  Anyhoo isn't she stunning pregnant she has such a beautiful glow and I am so thrilled for her to be a mamma of 3 handsome boys.. Congrats Melanie you are so pretty..!!


...Kofoed Family...

This was the funnest shoot this family was so chill and laid back.. I have known Kacey for a few years and think she is so beautiful and now I know where she gets it from, her entire family is beautiful.. Thanks for waiting in the freezing cold without complaining until we got into the building, you guys are troopers..

Why not start with the cutest sassiest picture...